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Semi-Monthly Timecard Announcement

Effective July 1, 2011 the Foundation will change its payroll frequency for staff from biweekly (every other Friday-26 pay periods per year) to semi-monthly (twice per month-24 pay periods per year). This change does not apply to Faculty Overload payroll. As of July 1, 2011, the pay periods and pay dates will be as follows:



1st to the 15th of the Month 25th of the Month
16th to the last day of the Month 10th of the Month


Payroll Schedules

The change to a semi-monthly schedule will result in employees being paid 24 times each year instead of 26. Exempt employees (salaried) working full time will receive half their monthly salary each pay date. Non-exempt employee (hourly) compensation each pay period will fluctuate and be based on the reported number of hours worked. The annual pay for non-exempt employees will not be reduced as a result of the change, however, the check amount will fluctuate at times from pay period to pay period based on the number of hours worked. The new “CSULB Foundation Semi-Monthly Payroll Schedule” will provide employees with the number of hours a non-exempt employee can expect to be paid each payroll. The hours that appear on the new payroll schedule is based upon an employee working eight (8) hours each day, Monday through Friday.

Non-exempt employees will continue to complete a “Time Reporting Form” (timecard) to report hours worked. The Time Reporting Form format is very similar to what we currently use, but has been modified slightly to accommodate the new reporting requirements. Exempt employees will now use the same Time Reporting Form as non-exempt staff, but will only be required to report Vacation or OPA time used. Exempt employees are still required to complete a Time Reporting Form even when Vacation or OPA is not being reported (payroll must receive a Time Reporting Form every pay period in order to generate pay and avoid interruptions to their benefits).

Payroll Deductions:

Deductions will be taken in equal amounts from all pay checks throughout the calendar year.

Weekend or Holiday Pay Day:

If any of the above pay dates fall on a weekend or holiday, payroll will be paid on the last working day prior to the weekend or holiday. Please refer to the CSULB Foundation Semi-Monthly Pay Schedule below.

Final Bi-Weekly Pay Check (June 25 – June 30, 2011):

July is the first month of the new semi-monthly pay schedule. In order to close out all time worked through June 30, 2011, employees will need to submit a Time Card for all hours worked June 25 through June 30, 2011 by June 30, 2011. This will be the last pay before using the new Time Reporting Form and pay schedule. The employee will then receive a check on July 15, 2011 for time worked June 25 to June 30, 2011. Employees having either the voluntary 403(b) (employee contributed TSA account) deductions, 457(b) deductions or fixed amounts deposited into savings/checking accounts should consider whether or not to change the amounts or leave as is for this reduced pay period. We will be taking benefit deductions during this reduced pay period in order to stay on schedule for the year. Please contact Foundation HR or Payroll to discuss changes. For time worked after July 1st, employees will submit the new Time Reporting Form according to the pay schedule below to begin receiving their full pay check again.






06/11/2011 - 06/24/2011 06/24/2011 07/01/2011  
06/25/2011 - 06/30/2011 06/30/2011 07/15/2011 Last bi-weekly pay period - last time using old Time Card and Effort Reporting
07/01/2011 - 07/15/2011 07/16/2011 07/25/2011 First semi-monthly pay period - use new Time Reporting Form
07/16/2011 - 07/31/2011 08/01/2011 08/10/2011  


Additional Information:

Listed below are the following documents: 1) semi-monthly Time Reporting Form 2) Frequently Asked Questions and 3) the new CSULB Foundation Semi-Monthly Payroll Schedule. If you have additional questions, please contact the CSULB Foundation Payroll or Human Resources Departments.


PDF Files MS Word Files MS Excel Files
Timecard - Semi-Monthly (effective July 01, 2011) Timecard - Semi-Monthly Form on Adobe Acrobat Format Timecard - Semi-Monthly Form on Microsoft Word Format Timecard - Semi-Monthly Form on Microsoft Excel Format
Sample Timecard Sheet for both Hourly and Exempt Employees Sample Timecard Sheet for both Hourly and Exempt Employees on Adobe Acrobat Format Sample Timecard Sheet for both Hourly and Exempt Employees on Microsoft Word Format  
Frequently Asked Question Timecard - Frequently Asked Question on Adobe Acrobat Format Timecard - Frequently Asked Question on Microsoft Word Format  
Semi-Monthly Payroll Schedule Semi-Monthly Payroll Schedule on Adobe Acrobat Format